Can one restaurant change Grays High Street for the better?

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Growing up in Grays, Essex you would be amazed how much the High Street has changed over the years. Looking through some old photos from the 1920s, you can see how different things are now. The style of the shops to the architecture reimaged to this so-called modern look, has created, in my opinion, a dull sense cheapness and characterless. When I look at these photos and look at what the High Street is now, I cannot help thinking, has it changed for the better for the people who live here?

Some would say yes, as the town has evolved from a tiny English town to a modern progressive multicultural hub.

But some would say no.

Now, I’m not against the idea of progression or having a multicultural town but what I do not agree with, is the attitude and apathy that this town has accepted to be the norm.

As a community, we have allowed our town to lose its culture and characteristics that have made Grays what it once was. Should we just accept it and not make any further attempts to put life back into the local economy? Or, should we create a better environment so that people will want to come to the High Street?

With the increasing population and more people moving to Thurrock and Grays, this is an opportunity to make this town and High Street more attractive for those who don’t want to go to Lakeside or travel up to London.

Soon to open on Grays High Street is our brand-new restaurant called Feast which plans to change all of that and more.

Feast will be a new stylish restaurant that will change the way you order, to the way eat with your friends and loved ones. Feast is promising to bring to the table a new outlook in hospitality and give customers an experience they will never forget. The food will meet all your hunger needs from flamed grilled steaks to handmade pizzas from the first eve traditional Italian pizza oven in Grays history and all at a reasonable price.

The restaurant’s design is to make you feel like you are in a top-end restaurant in London with its subtle irreverent touches sprinkled through the interior and design collateral for people to enjoy discovering while they dine.

With this being the first of its kind in Grays, I’m looking forward to the reaction it will cause and hopefully bring in more enthusiasm and prosper to the High Street. We need more independent thinking and dare I say energy back into the community. If we support more of local business and encourage more to invest in Grays, I’m sure we will see the High Street back to its formal glory and be the place to be from here and now on.


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